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Posted: 16 Dec. 2011

To become a student, one has to meet the following General Entry Requirements:

i. Age Limit: 
No person under the age of sixteen (16) years may be admitted to the University as a student.
ii. Admission Requirements
There are three alternative methods of admission into the University, namely:
1. Admission by Entrance Examination into the University of Nigeria through the Joint Matriculation Examination
2.Admission by Direct Entry into the University of Nigeria through some form of Higher School Certificate or GCE Advanced level
3. Admission by Direct Application to the University and not through the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board - JAMB

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A sound knowledge of language is essential for a literary scholar in order to see and analyse the infinite variety of the movements of thought in the literary work of art. In this way the student grows in clarity of thought and perception, and develops the mind's creative capabilities. This is one of the reasons why the graduates of English language and literary studies find employment in a vast range of activities in the service industry as well as in the management and productive sectors of the economy.